Food Additive Products Enzyme Invertase
  • Item No.KL-Invertase
    MOQ1 Kilogram / Kilograms
  • Size 20.00 x 11.00 x 14.00 cm
    Weight1.20 kg

    Food Additive Products Enzyme Invertaseintroduce.jpg

    Product Name: Invertase Enzyme


    Cas No. : 9001-57-4

    Appearance: White to light yellow powder

    Optimum temperature: 45~55℃

    Optimum pH: 4.5~5.5


    Invertase, named as Saccharase, fructofuranoside fructohydrolase (EC. This product was produced by Saccharomyces cerevisiae strain, which fermented in submerged medium. Saccharase could be used as the additives, ingredients, and the biocatalyzer in the fields of food, beverage, alcohol fermentation, and pharmaceutical preparation etc.function_.jpgInvertase is a yeast-derived enzyme, which carry out hydrolysis of terminal non-reducing β-D-fructofuranoside residues in β-D-fructofuranosides. Invertase splits sucrose into glucose and fructose (invert syrup) and can be applied for any inversion of sucrose especially liquefied cherry centers, creams, mints, truffles, marshmallow, invert syrup and other fondants. Invertase is used to improve shelf life of details.jpgcontact.jpgpackage&shipping.jpg

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