Top grade 99.9% Fullerene powder
  • Item No.KL-fullerene c60
    MOQ1 Gram / Grams

    Top grade 99.9% Fullerene powder introduce.jpgFullerene C60 has a special spherical configuration, and is the best round of all the molecules. Because of the structure, all molecules of C60 have special stability, while a single C60 molecule is extremely hard at the molecular level, which makes C60 possibly as core material of lubricant; C60 is so hopefully to translate into a new abrasive material with high hardness as a result of C60 molecules’ special shape and strong ability to resist external pressures.details.jpg

    Product Name: Fullerene C60 99%

    Purity: 99.9%

    CAS No.: 99685-96-8

    Appearance: Black powder

    M.W.: 720.64

    M.F.: C60

    cas 99685-96-8
    Name Fullerene C60
    Appearance Black powder
    Application used


    Fullerene C60 can be used for the sensor to detect TNT to meet the needs of counter-terrorism; The three-dimensional highly delocalized electron conjugated molecular structure makes C60 have excellent optical and nonlinear optical properties, which is expected to use in such optical computing, optical memories, optical signal processing and controlling applications respects; In addition, C60 and its derivatives can be widely used in magnetic resonance imaging, anti-HIV drugs,anti-cancer drugs, chemotherapy drugs, cosmetic additives, research and other areas.

    1.  Diagnostic reagents,
    2.  Super drugs, 
    3.  Cosmetics, 
    4.  Solar battery, 
    5.  Wear resistant material,
    6.  Flame retardant materials,
    7.  Lubricants, polymer additives,
    8.  Artificial diamond, hard alloy,
    9.  Electric viscous fluid,
    10. Fire retardant coatings,
    11. Semiconductor record medium, 
    12. Superconducting materials, 
    13. Transistors, 
    14. Electronic camera, fluorescence display tube,
    15. Gas adsorption, gas storage. package&shipping2.jpgcontact.jpg

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