food preservatives sodium dehydroacetate



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food preservatives sodium dehydroacetate
food preservatives sodium dehydroacetate
food preservatives sodium dehydroacetate
food preservatives sodium dehydroacetate
food preservatives sodium dehydroacetate
food preservatives sodium dehydroacetate
food preservatives sodium dehydroacetate

food preservatives sodium dehydroacetate

  • Item No.KL-sodium dehydroacetate
    MOQ1 Kilogram
  • Product size17 x 16 x 5 cm
    Product weight1 kg
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food preservatives sodium dehydroacetateintroduce.jpgSodium dehydroacetate is a kind of safe and food preservatives, can avoid food decaying and prolong food storage time. has stronger and wide bacteriostatic action. It presents good results in acid, neutral and alkali condition is strongly inhibited to Bacteria, yeast, mould. It is widely used in classified food specified by GB 2760, is very effective with low concentration, and has good effects in light and heat resistant. Do not decompose in the condition of high temperature and cooking, and is non-volatile and free of odor.

Product Name Sodium Dehydroacetate
Purity 98% 
CAS  4418-26-2
MOQ Any quantity is welcomed
Grade Standard Food grade
Appearance White Clear crystal Powder
Package 1kg/ AL bag; 25kg/Fiber Drum with Plastic Bags inside

function.jpgSodium dehydroacetate is a new generation of food preservation preservative after sodium benzoate, nipagin and potassium sorbate, which has a good inhibitory effect on molds, yeasts and bacteria. It is widely used in beverage, food and feedstuffs Industry, can extend the shelf life, to avoid mold loss. Its mechanism of action is to effectively penetrate into the cell body, inhibit the respiration of microorganisms, so as to achieve the role of preservative mildew preservation moisturizing.

Dehydroacetic acid sodium salt has a broad spectrum of antibacterial ability, strong antibacterial ability against molds and yeasts, dehydroacetic acid sodium salt on the cause of food spoilage yeast, mold strong, inhibitory effective concentration of 0.05% -0.1% The general amount of 0.03% -0.05%.

Sodium dehydroacetate has good light fastness and heat resistance, and does not decompose during the food processing and evaporates with the water vapor. It is widely used in creams, soups (seasonings, instant soups), breads, cakes, pastries, Pickles, fruit pulp, fruit pulp concentrate, moon cakes, fillings, red bean paste, Lotus and other widely used.

Used for fermented bean curd, pickles and jams (max. 0.3g / Kg), soups, cakes and cheese, butter, margarine etc. (maximum 0.5g / Kg) See GBP70).company details.jpgcontact.jpgpackage&shipping.jpg

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