Top Grade ADP Adenosine Diphosphate



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Top Grade ADP Adenosine Diphosphate
Top Grade ADP Adenosine Diphosphate
Top Grade ADP Adenosine Diphosphate
Top Grade ADP Adenosine Diphosphate
Top Grade ADP Adenosine Diphosphate
Top Grade ADP Adenosine Diphosphate
Top Grade ADP Adenosine Diphosphate

Top Grade ADP Adenosine Diphosphate

  • Item No.KL-adenosine monophosphate
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Top Grade ADP Adenosine Diphosphateintroduce.jpgAdenosine monophosphate (referred to as AMP), also known as adenosine monophosphate, 5'-adenine nucleotide or adenylate, is a ribonucleic acid (RNA) found in the nucleotide The It is an ester of phosphoric acid and nucleoside, and consists of phosphate functional groups, pentose glycans and base adenine. ATP is obtained by ATP hydrolysis twice. A base plus a five carbon sugar. Is deoxynucleotides or ribonucleotides depending on whether the five carbon sugar, there is no oxygen, has nothing to do with the base. RNA is one of the constituent units; also vitamin B8, a water-soluble vitamins.

Product NameAdenosine monophosphate
Other NameAMP powder
Assay  99%
Appearance White Crystalline Powder                              
CAS NO61-19-8
Molecular FormulaC10H14N5O7P
Molecular Weight347.224 g/mol

function.jpgAdenosine Monophosphate is a kind of coenzyme. To improve body metabolism, involved in body fat, protein, sugar, nucleic acid and nucleotide metabolism, is also the main source of energy in the body. Apply Cell Injury enzyme decline diseases. Animal tests on this product electrophysiology of myocardial cells plays a significant role, can inhibit the slow reaction of cells in calcium influx, blocking and prolonging atrioventricular conduction before the loop, large doses can still be blocked atrioventricular Way of reentry, with enhanced role of the vagus nerve, can be used supraventricular tachycardia.OEM (2)_.jpgpackage&shipping.jpgcompany details.jpgcontact.jpg

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