Industrial and Food Grade Beta Glucanase Enzymes



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Industrial and Food Grade Beta Glucanase Enzymes
Industrial and Food Grade Beta Glucanase Enzymes
Industrial and Food Grade Beta Glucanase Enzymes
Industrial and Food Grade Beta Glucanase Enzymes
Industrial and Food Grade Beta Glucanase Enzymes
Industrial and Food Grade Beta Glucanase Enzymes
Industrial and Food Grade Beta Glucanase Enzymes

Industrial and Food Grade Beta Glucanase Enzymes

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Product name: Glucanase

CAS NO: 9025-70-1

Appearance: Light yellow powder or brown liquid

pH: Effective pH 3.5-5.5, the optimum pH value of 4.8-5.5

Enzyme Activity:10000-200000 u/g(ml)

It is proper to be mixed in the raw materials after the product dissolved and diluted with appropriate process water.

Use conditions: PH:4.0-6.5
Temp: Effective temperature range of 30-70 ℃, the most suitable temperature 50-60 ℃




Our company’s β- glucanase contains power and liquid forms.
β- glucanase refers to the total name of multiple enzyme which can catalyze and hydrolyze β- glucan. 
β- glucanas in plants exists with kinds of Complex molecules polymer together such as
:amylum,pectin, xylan, cellulose, protein, lipid and so on. So, β- glucanas can hydrolyze β- glucan for using only, but the more effective way to hydrolyzing cellulose is the mixed use with other relative enzymes, in which the use-cost will be reduced.


One unit activity is equal to 1μg glucose, which produced by hydrolyzing β- glucan in 1g enzyme powder (or 1ml liquid enzyme) at 50 PH 4.5 in one minute.

Amylase produced by our company is derived from the fermentation and refinement of Trichoderma ressei, and conform to the relative standards. Activity range is 10000-200000 u/g(ml).


1, feed industry:
Used as feed additives in feed compound enzyme , improve feed digestibility, conducive to animal digestion and absorption of protein, improve feeding effect, significantly improve livestock weight gain, milk production, and egg production, and improve disease resistance And the ability to adapt to the environment.
Use the recommended amount of 0.02-0.1kg / t (enzyme activity as 20,000 units).

2, beer production:
Can reduce the wort viscosity, speed up the filtration rate, improve the malt dissolution rate, improve the beer sensory indicators.
Usage: saccharification at the beginning to join, it is recommended to add the amount of 0.005-0.25L / t malt (enzyme activity as 20,000 units).

3, Sucrose Industry:
In the presence of microbial infection and the increase in sugar viscosity, filtration difficulties, the use of difficult crystallization. The amount of test added as a starting point is recommended to be 0.05 L / t dry basis (enzyme activity in units of 20,000 units). This product is usually used in conjunction with other xylanases and other details.jpgcontact.jpgpackage&shipping.jpg

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