Best Isomalt Isomaltulose price isomaltulose (palatinose)



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Best Isomalt Isomaltulose price isomaltulose (palatinose)
Best Isomalt Isomaltulose price isomaltulose (palatinose)
Best Isomalt Isomaltulose price isomaltulose (palatinose)
Best Isomalt Isomaltulose price isomaltulose (palatinose)
Best Isomalt Isomaltulose price isomaltulose (palatinose)
Best Isomalt Isomaltulose price isomaltulose (palatinose)
Best Isomalt Isomaltulose price isomaltulose (palatinose)

Best Isomalt Isomaltulose price isomaltulose (palatinose)

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High quality sweeter Natural Isomalt Isomaltuloseintroduce  Isomaltulose, a natural and new functional oligosaccharide, which is distilled from sugarcane and honey. It is white crystal powder, odorless with good sweet taste.  No dental caries, slower rate of hydrolysis than sucrose’s and also can be capable of application in the clinical of parenteral diabetes or other diseases as an energy source. Besides, isomaltulose is a good substitute for special populations which should be carefully chose the sweetener.

Charcter of Isomaltulose

Product Name: Isomaltulose
Appearance: White crystalline Powder
Purity: 98%min
CAS NO.: 343336-76-5
EINECS: 237-282-1
Type: Food grade sweetener
Certificate: KOSHER,HALAL,ISO9001,ISO14001
Package: packed in the 25kg net kraft paper bagsfunction

1)Isomaltulose has good stability and security

It has very stable structure and strong chemical inertness, so it can maintain original state under the conditions of acidic or alkaline. Isomaltulose will not be digested by saliva, gastric acid and pancreatic juice, but slowly hydrolyzed into glucose and fructose by sucrose--isomaltase until arriving the small intestine and is completely absorbed by intestinal villi, without any food safety problems. Usually, it will cause diarrhea eating 30g of sugar alcohol one time, but completely not for eating 80g of isomaltulose.

  In other countries, isomaltulose has been considered as the GRAS and used in various food; In China, it has been approved using in candy, bread, cakes, biscuits, drinks, frozen drinks, liqueur, jam and so on according to production requirement.



Isomaltulose has a pure sweetness similar to the high purity sucrose and its initially taste buds is faster than sucrose’s. Besides, its sweetness is 42% of sucrose, gentle and meticulous, having no bad taste during and after being eaten. And it has pure sweet at various temperatures, does not change.


3)Makes bad orders

Isomaltulose is most likely to be felt by the taste buds, and not be decomposed by adriamycin of saliva in the oral cavity, therefore, it does not generate undesirable odors, sweetness pure.


4)Bing friendly to tooth

Isomaltulose can not be utilized by the microorganisms causing oral cavities,l and not produce insoluble polydextrose, so the dental plaque is not formed, without resulting in tooth decay and periodontal disease problems.


5) Best choice of new health and sports food

Isomaltulose can be decomposed into glucose and fructose, but it is very slowly, which will not cause  significantly higher blood sugar for diabetics. And it releases balanced energy in the human body, so it is very suitable for sports drink as sweetener, sugar-free foods, sugar-free medicines and healthcare products and so on.


6) Having special brain function

Blood glucose and insulin concentrations rapidly up or down, which will affect the stability of body’s functioning and mental state.However, after intaking isomaltulose, blood glucose and insulin concentrations only improved 10-20%, and remain in this state for a long time. In addition, it can continue to supply a certain glucose. So intaking isomaltulose helps to stabilize body function and mental state, reflecting the special brain functions.





White crystalline granular


Isomaltulose (dry substance)%



Other sugar(incl.trehalulose) %



Loss on drying %



Residue on ignition %












Aerobic plate count,cfu/g



Enumeration of coliforms MPN/100g




not detectable

not detected

Isomaltulose side

Isomaltulose is a natural disaccharide, present in sugar cane (vegan) and aldo in honey, and it is completely digested and absorbed by digestive system. For this reason it is considered safe, so it may not be cause for gastrointestinal problems, as diarrhea or nausea. This situation may occur if the subject suffers from an enzymatic deficiencies, or if he is fructose intolerant. Moreover, even if it’s produced using bacterial fermentation, it doesn’t contain bacterial substances that can cause health problems.


Isomaltulose and foods

Isomaltulose is naturally present in honey and sugar cane. It is used by food and supplements industries to realize energy drinks and artificial sweeteners. It can be also found in:

Powder milk

Energy drinks

Food supplements

Sports supplements



Chewing gums

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